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Get Signed Proprietary Information & Inventions Agreements from All Employees and Contractors in Your Startup

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In this interview with Jeremy Glaser, who is a partner at the law firm Mintz Levin and also serves as Co-Chair of the firm’s Venture Capital & Emerging Companies Practice, we discuss the importance of getting signed Proprietary Information & Inventions Agreements by all employees and contractors in your startup company.

Jeremy states:

“There is a separate confidentiality agreement that is for employees and consultants. We use a different name for that. We call that a proprietary information and inventions agreement. That is a very different agreement. That is something that every company should have at the time they form their company. Every employee and consultant who ever works with the company needs to sign that.  It can be a big deal. It can really matter. If they were involved in the process of inventing any of the technology, you have some real issues about ownership and whether or not you have clear title if they haven’t signed that document. That’s a hugely important document to get signed by every person that is an employee or consultant.  We have these forms in the MintzEdge package. Part of the MintzEdge package for a company is that they get a form of proprietary information and inventions agreement so that they have that from the very beginning. They have all of their employees and consultants sign the appropriate document.”

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