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Results of a 90 Day Social Media Experiment to Build an Online Brand Presence

QuestFusion Marketing Social Media

Use of a New Infographic Tool to Present Results of the Social Media Experiment

Building engaging content and keeping up with your customers (and competitors) on social media can be a very helpful piece of the puzzle of trying to create a successful business. For some, creating a relationship with customers and competitors may not be as challenging as it might be for others. With the use of services on sites like that allow people to buy followers, showing the outside world that you are able to grow a following and potentially build working relationships can make handling social media platforms a lot less stressful. Plus, it is also about being consistent with the engagement, especially as the use of social media plays a large part these days in the growth of a business.

Recently we worked with a local company to test how fast we could build their brand using social media alone. Within 90 days, we received some pretty fantastic results! Here is a small presentation we created with a new online tool called Visme. Visme (see more here) is a tool you can use to build graphs and infographics easily. This small presentation took me about 15 minutes to create! Enjoy!

Click to View the 90 Day Results Presentation

QuestFusion Marketing Social Media

Click to View the 90 Day Results Presentation

Experiment Results:

Web Page Views

We really wanted to create a brand new page on the company’s website, to see how much traffic we could get to that new page based on social media attention alone. We started with 0 views when we first launched the page, and ended up with 242 unique views over 90 days to this page.

Instagram Following

We loved experimenting each month on different ways to gain followers organically and through using social media tools similar to socialfollow on Instagram. We thought it was the most powerful platform for their business, and when we started the project they had 572 followers, and after just 90 days they had 1,455 followers, most of which were local which is great for their business!

Trifecta of Content

We discovered that there is a trifecta of actions you can take to successfully build your company brand on social media. This involves creating great content, promoting that content on the social media channels that fit well with your business, and then reaching out to and answering potential customers, drawing them into your overall company mission. It could be hard for a brand to consistently post content though, so it may be worth trialling software that helps you to schedule instagram posts so less time is spent on the platform itself. It would be interesting to see if anything with the results was different.

This social media experiment taught us a lot about building awareness using social media. We spent about 5 hours each week working on this project for 90 days, and I would say the results are clear. Having a strategy and plan on a social media platform (or a few) is the way to go. Look over the presentation and let me know your thoughts, and how you use social media to help your business grow.

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