Business Planning

In our business planning practice, QuestFusion helps startup and emerging growth organizations refine their business plans, primarily through a well-refined framework for doing business planning specifically in a startup or rapid growth environment.

What is a Business Plan?

Developing a company business plan is about taking a vision and turning it into an actionable plan.  It is about defining what success looks like in a way that can be felt, tasted and touched.  It is about understanding the market and competitive landscape, and planning a course through a frequently hostile environment, to that destination of success.  It is about taking a defined set of steps in business planning which results in a cohesive plan and roadmap for your company.

What is the importance of business planning?

Would you go on a five-day nature hike without planning the route and determining the provisions necessary?  Would you play in the Super Bowl without a detailed game plan and knowledge of the competition?  Would you go into battle without a detailed understanding of the terrain and the enemy?  The answer to all these is NO WAY, OF COURSE NOT.  It is just as foolish to try and run a business without a comprehensive business plan.

Isn’t a business planning process too burdensome and cumbersome for a small company?

QuestFusion is familiar with companies that have a culture of innovation. Developing an innovation strategy in an emerging technology company is not straightforward.  At the same time, it is critical to build a commercial enterprise that has success.  The business planning tools that we use are tailored in such a way as to not put too high a burden on the startup.

QuestFusion is also familiar with the process of navigating through rapid growth.  Having growth strategies and a culture of strategic management are critical to these companies to maintain growth over the longer term.  It is also critical to assess and manage risk.

How do you develop a Business Plan, a Business Model, and a Pitch Deck Suited for Raising Capital for Early-Stage Startup Companies?

QuestFusion can help. We are specialist in this area! Using business planning process and other tools we’ve developed and refined over the last two decades, we aid clients in being prepared to raise growth capital from the right investors, including Seed Stage and Series A financing.

QuestFusion works with early stage startup companies to make a business plan outline that will aid in the process of product refinement, identifying key markets and customers, and thus streamlining the process for raising capital. This starts with a complete market assessment, situation analysis, product planning, identifying competitive advantages including the sustainability and layers of competitive advantages, and protection of intellectual property (IP).

QuestFusion can help to formulate and refine your vision and initial product ideas into an actionable plan.

QuestFusion will use its market knowledge and product validation tools to validate and add credibility to your business model.

How do I go about driving Initial Revenue and Growth and Raising Growth Capital at the same time?

One of the most difficult aspects of starting up a company is finding the first customer and driving initial volume with them, while at the same time making sure the company has enough money. QuestFusion has decades of experience in doing just that. We will help you define and refine new product concepts, and refining the product plan for serving the target markets and customers, and outflanking the competition. QuestFusion will help your company build the right business partnerships that strengthen your competitive positioning and build depth in your customer relationships.

As hard as it is to get the first customer, it is just as difficult to drive your products and services into the broader market. QuestFusion can aid in this process. Our approach is to build the ecosystem of partners and customers in advance of initial product success to help drive revenue growth quickly for your company.

In this more rapid phase of growth it is critical to pursue new customers and new markets in a systematic way that can be supported by a young company without it being crushed by its own initial success. QuestFusion knows how to do this.
QuestFusion can also guide your company in raising capital during this Series B and Series C phase of growth.

We can coach you through the process of building a business while raising money and doing it in the most efficient way possible.

Can QuestFusion Aid My Company in Exit Strategy Options?

QuestFusion will work with your company on exploring and helping to drive the right exit for your company. Patrick Henry, the CEO of QuestFusion, has bought and sold tens of companies, not as a banker, but as an operating executive and CEO. He also has experience in taking a company through the Initial Public Offering (IPO) process in NASDAQ. QuestFusion can help the founding team, the CEO assess options and provide a clear and comprehensive plan to the board of directors and investors in the company. There any many subtleties in this process and QuestFusion has the knowledge and experience necessary to help management teams navigate through this.

What makes QuestFusion different from other startup consultants?

Startup business consulting is a discipline that requires specialized management skills and an understanding of how to implement a specific business growth plan. QuestFusion works with entrepreneurs to attain the highest level of success within their target market. Large management consulting companies simply do not have the experience or market focus to help newly formed or emerging technology companies.

Are you starting up a company, managing the challenges of getting your company off the ground, navigating through the initial growth phase, or finding the right exit strategy?
We can help!

QuestFusion has vast operating experience in the CEO role at startups and emerging growth companies. We bring a practical approach and customization to the tools and frameworks essential for business planning in a startup. These business plan templates serve as a basis for developing the business plan. Specifically in the area of business planning, we have the background, knowledge, and experience of seeing what works in a startup and emerging growth environment, and what doesn’t. We also know what is required in a business plan, including financial modeling, and a subsequent business strategy plan to get funding in the Angel Investor, Venture Capital, and Private Equity environments.

There are other business consulting firms in San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles. Some have excellent executive coaches human resources and psychology background, while others have consultants with some operational experience. Others have MBA with modest operational experience, but limited operating backgrounds. Some of these can be useful on some projects. None have the experience and background of QuestFusion that is specifically tailored to startups and emerging growth companies.
Patrick Henry, the CEO of QuestFusion, is a serial entrepreneur and has been the CEO of three startup companies. He has been involved in over $200,000,000 of equity financings, and over $2,000,000,000 in M&A transactions as a senior executive and CEO. As the CEO of Entropic, Patrick and his team took the company pubic in 2007, navigated through the Great Recession and emerged in 2010 with a peak valuation of the company at over a $1,000,000,000 market cap.