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Overview and Update for Regulation A+ to Raise Growth Capital
06 April 2017

Category: Webinar | Location: Your Office | Time: 10:30 AM PDT

equity crowdfunding

Patrick Henry, Founder CEO of QuestFusion, and Rod Turner, Chairman and Founder of Manhattan Street Capital, Reg A+ Funding platform will discuss:

  • Overview of Equity Crowdfunding and which type suits what types of companies
  • Specifics of Reg A+ from an Insiders View – Lessons Learned
  • Analysis and Update on the specifics of the successful Regulation A+ offerings to date
  • How Reg A+ works best for Real Estate Companies, and why Real Estate is the leading sector
  • Tips and Techniques on how to excel with your Reg A+
  • What Types of Companies are Best Suited for a Reg A+ Offering

About Rod Turner:

Rod Turner Headshot

Rod Turner is the Founder of Manhattan Street Capital, the #1 Growth Capital marketplace for the best mid sized US and Canadian companies. He has been the Senior Executive for two IPOs to NASDAQ (Ashton-Tate, Symantec). Rod was an Angel Investor in Ask Jeeves, INFN, AMRS, eASIC, Bloom Energy. He is a high energy strategic thinker with an engineering background and skills in all areas of business. He is also an experienced M&A expert. Rod is a contributing writer for Forbes. You can find Rod on Twitter @IamRodTurner.


Key Elements of a Fundable Business Plan
01 February 2017

Category: Webinar | Location: Your Office | Time: 1:00 PM PDT

Want the best chances of getting your business financed by early stage investors? Let’s focus on the content of your business and how to prepare your business plan. In this webinar, we will go over personal credibility, investor selection, timing of the financing round, and identifying key milestones.

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