Hire the QuestFusion CEO as a Strategic Advisor

Patrick Henry enjoys working with CEOs of startups and emerging growth companies one-on-one.  He typically works with only two or three clients at a time on this basis, and usually engages in a three or six month retainer for this service. His primary focus is on strategic and business planning, customer acquisition, strategic partnerships, marketing strategy, and raising growth capital. Please contact Patrick directly to discuss the specifics of your desired consulting arrangement at Patrick@QuestFusion.com.  Typical hourly rates range from $350 to $1000 per hour depending upon the nature and duration of the project.  In a retained consulting model, Mr. Henry typically engages on a one, three or six month basis.  Specific pricing is based on the scope and duration of the project.  Overall cost for this type of engagement typically ranges between $5,000 and $30,000.