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Key Value Bombs from an Experienced Reg A+ Advisor

first-time startup CEO

In this discussion with Rod Turner, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Manhattan Street Capital, he gives some sage advice about raising capital for your private company in a Regulation A+ offering, a portion of the U.S. JOBS Act.  Rod is an expert in this area and an experienced Reg A+ advisor.

According to Rod Turner:

I see a lot of companies making mistakes. They will come to me and they’re partway through a journey. They’ve been given some daft advice or they’ve advised themselves. They’ve spent quite a bit of money to get nowhere because they’re partway through the SEC filing. What you have to do is restart this puppy.

It’s going to cost a significant amount of time and effort, because the way you’ve gone is the wrong journey. The fact that you have these things approved doesn’t help you because you’re not going to succeed with that transaction.

Seek experienced advice. I always say that I’m biased. I think they should all come to Manhattan Street Capital. It’s okay to go to one of our competitors. The point is to get professional advice. It’s not a big law firm or a big auditing firm that has experience with IPOs. This is different enough.

You want people that are in this space of Regulation A. Auditors, marketing agencies and law firms that are practiced in this space are the people that you want. They’ll spend less money and get a faster result, whereas you’re educated the giant firms. You pay through the nose for that. It costs so much time.

Rod Turner can be reached by email at, or  through the Manhattan Street Capital website.

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This is Patrick Henry, CEO of QuestFusion, with The Real Deal…What Matters.